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Content endorsed courses

The content endorsed courses currently offered by Northern Border Senior Access are:

English Studies: Pilot Study

The aim of English Studies is to enable students to understand, use, enjoy and value the English language in its various textual forms and to become thoughtful, imaginative and effective communicators in a diverse and changing society.

Exploring Early Childhood

Exploring Early Childhood Stage 6 aims to develop understanding, skills and strategies to enable students to support and foster positive growth and development in the young children with whom they interact through the provision of safe, nurturing and challenging environments.

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies

The Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation content endorsed course develops in each student the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to adopt active and health-promoting lifestyles.

Visual Design

Visual Design Stage 6 is designed to enable students to gain an increasing accomplishment and independence in their representation of ideas in different fields of design and to understand and value how graphic, wearable, product, and interior/exterior design invite different interpretations and explanations.

Work Studies

The broad aims of the Work Studies course is to:

  • develop knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to facilitate school to work transition
  • develop an understanding of the changing nature of work organisation and the  implications for individuals and society
  • develop an understanding of the relationships between education, training, work and lifestyle.

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