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Quality education delivered locally

The Northern Border Senior Access (NBSA) program is one of 5 'access clusters' of schools in rural and remote areas of NSW. The NBSA program provides a shared curriculum for senior secondary students across 4 schools.

The NBSA cluster includes:

These schools are linked via video conferencing and collaborative technologies, allowing small cohorts of students to connect and interact with each other, working together with their teacher.

This enables rural students to complete their secondary education at their local school with the support of their community and without having to live away from home.


The NBSA program supports rural communities to improve the quality of education for rural students through: 

  • increasing the retention of rural students at their local school
  • ensuring access to schooling as near as practicable to the students' homes
  • a choice of patterns of study, courses and course levels
  • opportunities for students not previously serviced by rural schools
  • courses which have a local area interest or established need, including those which recognise the expressed or perceived needs of individual students.

For more information, visit the Department of Education website and read the Guide for parents.